This Tortilla Toaster is Sweeping the Nation This Christmas - Here’s Why

People Are Loving the Nuni Toaster

The world’s first kitchen appliance designed specifically to heat tortillas, the Nuni Toaster can prepare up to six tortillas in just 60 seconds.



The toaster is designed to work with any standard pack of tortillas you can buy at the store (corn, flour, or wheat) and utilizes a rotating oven to heat the tortillas evenly. It has five different toast settings so you can control exactly how hot you want your tortillas, and four sleek colors to choose from: white, black, gray, and red.



People have really taken a liking to the Nuni Toaster as we approach the holiday season, and the units we have in stock are going fast. Here are five reasons why we think the Nuni Toaster is truly sweeping the nation this holiday season. 

  1. It’s brand new, and no one else has it. Nuni Toaster is the first company to have actually built one of these things. You can’t get it anywhere else (no, not even on Amazon…yet). Whoever that lucky person you’ve got in mind is, you can guarantee that they’ll be one of the first ever to own one.
  2. It’s a great fit for anyone. The only requirement to love the Nuni Toaster is to love tacos. Whether it’s for your spouse, your partner, your kids, your boss, your best friend, or whoever–as long as they’ve got a thing for tacos, they’ll love it.
  3. It’s unbelievably fun to use. I mean, it’s a tortilla toaster. We honestly get excited every time we know we're going to get to use the Nuni for our next meal. It doesn’t rob you of the “old fashioned” way of preparing tortillas–if anything, it makes it better.
  4. It creates real value. Every time there’s a hit holiday gift, it always seems to be a toy or video game of some sort. The Nuni Toaster is a sleek, innovative, time-saving tool that is going to completely change the way people make tacos. It’s got depth, people.
  5. It’s (really) good at what it does. We love tacos. Our friends love tacos. The biggest complaint any of us have had using the Nuni is that we don’t have two running at the same time.

Are you ready to join the tortilla revolution? If you or someone you know loves tacos, the Nuni Toaster is the perfect gift this holiday season. 

You can order the Nuni Toaster here.