Nuni Toaster Inc.

The Original Tortilla Toaster

Perfectly heats up to 6 tortillas in less than one minute.

Tired of flipping tortillas at the stove or comal? Join the Nuni Toaster revolution and never flip tortillas again!

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Get Your Own Nuni Toaster!

Orders for the first production round of Nuni Toasters closed in June 2017. Additional pre-orders from July 1, 2017 onward will be included in the second production round.

Perfect Tortillas Every Time!

Insert up to 6 tortillas

Choose your desired shade from light to dark. For use with 6-inch tortillas or smaller. Introduzca hasta 6 tortillas. Ajuste la perilla de control de tostado para calentar al gusto. Exclusivamente para tortillas de 6 pulgadas o menos.

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Start the heating cycle

Lift the handle to start. Heats up to 6 tortillas in about 60 seconds. Levante la manija para activar el tostador. Una vez que este caliente te prepara hasta 6 tortillas en menos de 1 minuto.

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Rotate to release

Once the heating cycle is complete, the tortillas are released by rotating the toaster. Gira la manija para expulsar las tortillas. Despues de completarse el ciclo de calentamiento, simplemente gira la manija hasta que las tortillas se expulsen por abajo del tostador.

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Here's What They Had to Say:

It's quick and creative, and really guys, we oughtn't ruin a good tortilla in the microwave.

– The Chicagoist

This product showcases the ingenuity of the next generation of entrepreneurs, who look for underserved markets to create new products and opportunities.

– L.A. Taco

Delivering heated tortillas onto a plate without burning your hand.

– El Paso Times

Ma, what if I told you that you can throw away your comál?

– mitú

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