Release: Nuni Toaster Introduces New Tortilla Toaster With Thinner, Sleeker Design

CHICAGO, IL – Nuni Toaster Inc., a consumer technology company that is developing the world’s first tortilla toaster, released yesterday the latest design of its groundbreaking home appliance.

The Nuni Toaster is billed as the world’s first consumer appliance dedicated entirely to the proper heating of traditional six inch tortillas. The patented product is designed to heat six corn, flour, or wheat tortillas in no more than sixty seconds. The latest design introduces a thinner, sleeker body than the previous version, cutting the space between heating elements in half. The company says the new design serves the dual purpose of saving valuable kitchen counter space and perfecting the tortilla toasting process.



“This is how innovation works,” said Elliot Benitez, inventor and founder of Nuni Toaster, Inc. “It’s a process. Lots of companies want to be ‘innovative,’ but are afraid of change. Our engineering team is exactly the opposite–we saw room to improve, and we seized the opportunity. This latest model is the Nuni we’ve been waiting for.”

Those interested in purchasing their own Nuni Toaster have the opportunity to pre-order the appliance now at the Nuni Toaster website. According to the company, the first shipment of tortilla toasters is scheduled to be delivered this fall.

Anyone with questions or interest regarding the Nuni Toaster may contact Ethan Adams at


Nuni Toaster is the world’s first home appliance made exclusively for heating tortillas. Its patented rotating design heats up to six tortillas at once in under 60 seconds. Simply load the tortillas, rotate the oven up, and your tortillas are toasted to perfection in no time. The toaster offers 5 toast settings, so you can achieve your preferred level of darkness.  No more need for a comal, microwave, or burnt fingers. Nuni is all you need to make every Tuesday Taco Tuesday. Learn more and join the tortilla revolution at