Nuni Toaster Recap: Q1 and the 2017 International Home + Housewares Show

The Nuni Toaster team has had an eventful start to the new year! So many good things have been happening that we wanted to share with you not only where things stand now, but more importantly how you can finally get your hands on your own tortilla toaster!

Here is what our team has been tirelessly working on:


Delivering Product Excellence

One thing that the public doesn’t see is how intimately we have been able to work with our factory to refine both function and design of the Nuni. We have known all along that manufacturing an entirely new product category would be an enormous task with a lot of moving parts, but saying that even now sounds like an understatement.

The great news, however, is that we’re through the toughest part and into the final stages of development! One of the most important things we're waiting on now is certification by Intertek, a global organization that tests and approves a wide range of consumer products (including electric toasters). The approval process is standard across the industry, and can take 45-60 days, but we feel it's a necessary step to ensure our high safety standards are met.


Delivering Industry Excellence

We had the privilege in March to present at the 2017 International Home and Housewares Show, the largest trade show in the country for kitchen related products (and it just so happens that each year the event is held in our hometown of Chicago, IL).  The Nuni team impressed visitors with our progress throughout the entire show, including public relations firms, magazine editors, sales reps, manufacturers reps, online retailers, international buyers, and other industry experts.  One of our strongest buyer leads has us traveling to Texas next month.

Though maybe surprising, the struggle at this point is not figuring out how many units we can sell (the Nuni Toaster can sell itself in front of the right audience); it's more about how many units we will be able to finance as a company. This is a common scenario for many consumer goods companies attempting to fulfill initial purchase orders.



Finally, after the Housewares Show, the question then became: Where do we go from here? Our answer was a word we have all been waiting for: inventory. It’s time to place our first order and get Nuni into the hands of our eager customers.

For this reason, pre-orders are vitally important. We have the ability to fulfill a certain number of units on our own right now, but each customer that submits a pre-order helps us expand the capacity of our first production run.

By pre-ordering a Nuni Toaster, customers not only are guaranteeing that they will receive a Nuni by the holidays this year, but they are allowing us to devote more units to our other distribution channels. As good a problem as it would be, we want to keep the Nuni Toaster from going out of stock too fast if we can help it.

Long story short: we now need to get the word out to pre-order a Nuni Toaster before June 30th. Anyone who places a pre-order prior to this date will be included in our initial production run and receive their Nuni Toaster before the holidays. Those who place an order afterwards may need to be put on a waitlist, even once the units arrive. So grab one while you can because it might be your only chance this year!

As always, thank you all for believing in the Nuni Toaster and in me. We are again hitting another critical stage of development and with your help we stand on the brink of changing the (toaster) game.


Pre-order the Nuni Tortilla Toaster now here


-Elliot Benitez