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Nuni Toaster Pre-Order Tracking

If you submitted a pre-order for the Nuni Toaster prior to June 30, 2017, you may check the current production status below. Estimated pre-order delivery for the Nuni Toaster is before Thanksgiving 2017.


 Last Updated: 7:04:00 PM CST on 09/17/2017




Frequently Asked Questions


What does the manufacturing process involve?

Step One: Manufacturing
We notified our factory in China in early July to begin producing the toasters. This process took almost exactly 60 days, as projected.

Step Two: Shipping
The process of shipping thousands of units from mainland China takes some time too. They are being shipped via ocean freighter to the coast of the United States. This process will take about 30 days.

Step Three: Fulfillment
Once arriving at the West Coast, trucks will carry the Nuni Toasters to our fulfillment centers, where we will be able to sort and prepare each toaster for delivery. This will take about 14 days.

Step Four: Delivery
Each toaster will be delivered to your address using the method of shipping you selected during the checkout process.

Step Five: Bliss
Eat tacos to your heart's content.

When will I receive my Nuni Toaster?
Due to the complexity of manufacturing, it has been difficult to give a specific date of delivery. Since they are now manufactured, however, the units are expected to be delivered to your doorstep before Thanksgiving.


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