How to Use Your Nuni Tortilla Toaster - Step By Step Instructions

Whether you have already purchased your own tortilla toaster or need just a little more convincing before you order your own, it’s important how to know how to operate the Nuni Tortilla Toaster. After all, until recently, tortilla toasters didn’t exist. It’s kind of a big deal. Congratulations on being part of it.

Step One: Read the instructions (We know you’re not going to, but we’re legally obligated to tell you to do so. It’s for your own safety.).

Step Two: Plug it in, plug it in. (The locking mechanism will not work unless connected to a power outlet. The Nuni Toaster works with the standard North American 120V outlet.)

Step Three: Rotate the oven upward. Wait until the oven locks, then select a temperature (start with setting 2 for wheat, 3 for flour, and 4 for corn). This is the initial pre-heat cycle.


Step Four: When the light stops blinking, the Nuni has completed its pre-heat cycle. (You may want to wait until the unit beeps to signal the end of its first cycle before inserting your tortillas.)



Step Five: Insert your tortillas. (You may insert as few as one, or as many as six tortillas at once. Because the unit has already completed its pre-heat cycle, the next cycle will take between 40 and 60 seconds to complete.) 



Step Six: Once the cycle completes and the oven releases, reach around the oven to rotate it forward and empty the hot tortillas. (Caution: the top of the oven is very hot after each cycle. Reach around the oven in order to avoid injury.) 


Step Seven: Serve and enjoy your toasty tortillas. #VivaLaTortilla


You can order the Nuni Toaster in white, gray, black, or red here.