Attention Taco Lovers: This Tortilla Toaster is What You’ve Been Waiting For


The Nuni Toaster, a $99 toaster designed to heat six tortillas in sixty seconds, is now available for purchase.

The toaster is designed to work with any standard pack of tortillas you can buy at the store (corn, flour, or wheat) and utilizes a rotating oven to heat the tortillas evenly. It has five different toast settings so you can control exactly how hot you want your tortillas, and four sleek colors to choose from: white, black, gray, and red. 


As many who eat tortillas regularly know, there are only a few options when it comes to heating tortillas, and none of them are ideal. Many people opt between throwing them in the microwave for a few seconds or laying them one by one on the stove (with or without a skillet). The Nuni, however, aims to reach that “toasty hot, but not burned” golden zone–with six tortillas in sixty seconds.

The unit itself is about the size of a standard toaster and blends in well on a kitchen counter. The toasters are currently being sold online and can be ordered for delivery in time for the 2017 holidays.



The startup, headquartered in Chicago, is led by its founder and CEO Elliot Benitez, who grew up watching his mother get up from the dinner table to prepare fresh tortillas for the family. “I did some quick math one time during college when I was visiting home and realized that over the previous twenty years, my mom had spent a total of 60 days away from the dinner table heating fresh tortillas for the family to eat,” said Benitez. “I wanted to change that.” 

Whether you eat tacos regularly or even only occasionally, the Nuni Toaster is definitely worth checking out. You can order your own at