10 Reasons Why You NEED A Tortilla Toaster Right Now

Six tortillas in sixty seconds.

Imagine the possibilities.

Instead of heating one tortilla at a time over an open flame, cranking up the stove to heat up the comal, and leaving the dinner table multiple times to prepare more, you can drop six tortillas in the Nuni Toaster and 60 seconds later, you're ready to go.

Skeptical? We understand. We don't mess around when it comes to tacos either. But we assure you, the Nuni Toaster was created by taco lovers, for taco lovers. Every tortilla is toasted evenly to perfection, and with five different toast settings, you can determine the perfect level for your perfect tortilla.

Still need some convincing? Here are 10 of the top reasons why the Nuni Toaster is ready to delight you and your family this holiday season.

1. It fits in quite nicely on any countertop.

Need some space? How often do you use a bread toaster, anyways? And is that bowl of fake fruit really necessary?

2. It works with all standard 6-inch tortillas, including corn, flour, and even wheat.

Just adjust the heat setting to fit your preferred type of tortilla.

3. It comes in colors to match your kitchen.

Choose between sleek red, black, gray, and white Nuni Toasters.

4. It’s the only major innovation in tortilla preparation in thousands of years.

(We're partial to the nostalgia of using a comal too, but come on. Those things are like 2,000 years old.)

5. It makes family dinners so much easier.

It makes dinners easy for single people too. Still lonely, but at least you've got tacos.

6. It (significantly) reduces the likelihood of 1st degree burns on every finger.

Although personally I kind of liked the risk of flipping over an open flame.

7. It’s a wicked cool gadget.

It's a tortilla toaster. A tortilla toaster. 

8. None of your friends have it (yet).

Don't have any friends? Start telling people you have a tortilla toaster. They'll come.

9. It literally toasts tortillas. 6 of them. At once. We’re not kidding.

You thought we were kidding, didn't you?

10. It gives you one more reason to eat tacos every night.

As if you needed one.

BONUS: It's literally the best Christmas/holiday gift you could possibly get someone.

Remember–no one else on earth has ever had a tortilla toaster. You'll be the coolest gift giver that ever existed. 



Convinced? Buy the Nuni Toaster here.

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Maybe that will help you understand.