Nuni Toaster Production Update: Manufacturing is Complete

This month has been a sweet one for the Nuni Toaster team. We’ve hit some huge milestones as a company and are excited to share some big news.

We started off the summer with an incredibly exciting pre-order campaign that saw tens of thousands of people flocking to our website to check out the Nuni Toaster for the first time. Once the initial pre-order window closed and we placed an official production order to our factory, it then became a waiting game as the factory initiated and began to execute production. The entire process would take about 60 days.

While we were fully aware of the production timeline from the beginning, as the days crept by it became more and more difficult to contain our eagerness for the Nuni Toaster to finally arrive. We’ve been excited (and, to be honest, kind of hungry) for so long that we couldn’t wait for the long production stretch to come to a close.

And then it did. Thanks to the swift and dedicated efforts of our factory, the first ever complete production run of Nuni Toasters is now complete! The units are aboard a freight vessel bound for the United States and our expected delivery date is now set for around Thanksgiving.

We thought things seemed real when we submitted the production order, but now we’re on the edge of our seats. I could not be more proud of our factory and our team that helped make this achievement possible, and I am uniquely thrilled that our loyal pre-order customers are so close to receiving their own Nuni Toaster.

The journey has been a wild one–and yet it’s still not over yet. If you want to get in on the action and submit a pre-order for a Nuni Toaster for 10% off, you can do so here. If you’d like to learn how you can partner with Nuni Toaster Inc. as we revolutionize the world of food, please contact me directly:

As always, #VivaLaTortilla

Elliot Benitez

Founder, Nuni Toaster