Frequently Asked Questions

How many tortillas fit in the toaster?

The Nuni Toaster has six slots for up to six individual tortillas.


What kind of tortillas can I use in the Nuni Toaster?

The Nuni Toaster is intended for use with any commercial 6-inch tortilla (for example, corn, flour, and wheat tortillas).


What size tortillas can I use in the Nuni Toaster?

The Nuni Toaster is intended for use with any commercial 6-inch tortilla. 


How long does it take to warm the tortillas?

Tortillas are warmed in less than 60 seconds (exact time varies on toast setting and tortilla recipe).


Why does the Nuni take longer than 60 seconds on the first cycle?

Like any toaster, the first cycle will involve a pre-heat cycle to get the rotating-oven hot enough to warm the tortillas properly. Once it has completed pre-heating, each cycle immediately afterwards can vary from 30-70 seconds.


Can I cook raw tortilla dough in the Nuni Toaster?

The Nuni Toaster is not designed to cook raw tortillas. It is intended solely to warm pre-cooked tortillas to the proper temperature to eat.


When will my order be delivered?

The speed of delivery will depend on a few factors. First, all orders are pre-orders and will be delivered with a delay while the units are being manufactured. (The pre-applied discount is our way of thanking everyone who submitted a pre-order for their patience.) Once the toasters have arrived in the United, the speed of delivery will depend on the method of delivery selected at checkout.


What kind of power ratings does the Nuni have?

110-120V~, 60Hz, 1100-1300W


Is there a warranty on the toaster?

The Nuni Toaster carries a limited one-year manufacturer's warranty. 


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What does the manufacturing process involve?

Step One: Manufacturing
We have already notified our factory in China to begin producing the toasters. This stage is going to take 60 days for all the units involved.

Step Two: Shipping
The process of shipping a container of tortilla toasters from mainland China takes some time too. They will be shipped via ocean freighter to the coast of California. This stage is going to take an additional 30 days.

Step Three: Fulfillment
Once arriving at the West Coast, trucks will carry the Nuni Toasters to our fulfillment centers in Chicago, where we will be able to sort and prepare each toaster for delivery. This stage is take about 14 days.

Step Four: Delivery
Each toaster will be delivered to your address using the method of shipping you selected during the checkout process.  If everything goes smoothly we anticipate shipping the first toasters out in November 2017.

Step Five: Bliss
Eat tacos to your heart's content.


When will I receive my Nuni Toaster?

Due to the complexity of manufacturing overseas, we cannot give a specific date of delivery. The units are expected to be delivered to your doorstep during the month of November, in plenty of time for Christmas.

Will you keep me updated as there is progress? 

Yes. We will send regular email updates to customers as soon as status of the toasters changes. (If you have a question in the meantime, you can always message us on Facebook.)


Can I track my order?

Yes. Throughout the next few months, we will have a page on our website strictly dedicated to production updates of the Nuni Toaster. You will be able to bookmark this page and easily see the status of the Nuni Toasters throughout the summer.